ATP Hygiene Monitoring &
Management Software

What is ATP?

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is a molecule found in all organic matter (living or once living). Measuring the ATP on a surface provides an early risk indicator that cleaning systems may have been inadequate in removing organic matter.

How is the presence of ATP detected?

Surface protein tests are an indicator of the microbial hygiene of the area. A swab is taken of a 10 x 10cm area. It is then put back in the swab tub and squeezed to activate the liquid stable reagent onto the bulb for a few seconds. This is then placed into our hand held ATP testing device (luminometer) where bioluminescence technology not only detects harmful microorganisms but also gives t you the level of contamination measured in RLU (reactive light unit) the higher the RLU, the more organic matter has been detected.

Cleanliness is measured in RLUs

Just because a surface looks clean, it does not mean it is clean. Microorganisms, biofilm and other biological residues are not visible to the unaided eye. Testing the surface ATP is an effect marker for the hygienic status of any environment.

A benchmark for hospitals for RLU levels:

Pass – Less than 100 RLU
Caution – 100 – 200 RLU
Fail – Greater than 201 RLU

Once the area has been treated with UVC, the levels will be below 100 RLU rendering it sterile. A report is produced on specialist software giving before and after levels. A completion certificate is produced also to keep with your health and safety records.

ATP for food safety

EnSURE™ Touch is the next generation ATP and environmental monitoring system. Designed to work like your smartphone, it effortlessly provides you with rapid and accurate data to support your food safety program. EnSURE Touch adapts to your workplace and is built with you in mind. Whether you’re new to food safety or if you’ve been here a while, EnSURE Touch helps make everything food safety a little bit easier.

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